Hi!!! :)  
Welcome on my website !! 
I'm glad i've finally decided to start making this website hopefully i'll learn a lot from it.
I'll tell the you about myself and I've also included a list of links with my favorite internetsites.

I'm working in a telephone callcenter right now.
My favorite music is pop, hiphop and rock and my favorite tv programs of the moment are: friends, scrubs, The Simpsons and Southparc
I also enjoy watching football on TV, especially the Champions League.
See ya!  :)  :0

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide


Right now i'm trying out new webtv channels. The goal is to watch tv on my pc instead on tv. Maybe i can loose my expensive tv subscription.

I like receiving mail, so please mail me. If i have time i'll sure mail you back :)